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Whether you are replacing your worn out brakes or upgrading them for high performance, EBC brakes has everything you are looking for. EBC brake rotors are available in OEM replacement rotors, slotted rotors and drilled rotors. It is important to select the proper EBC brakes for your vehicle to ensure they perform correctly and are used for what they are designed for. EBC brakes are available for every type of vehicle including cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. EBC brake rotors are also available for your motorcycle, mountain bike and scooter.

OEM replacement rotors from EBC brakes look just like the ones currently on your vehicle, but they perform much better. EBC brake rotors can handle a wide array of temperatures without warping or wearing out too quick. When you upgrade to these, you can continue on with your daily driving routine as if nothing has changed. But, something did change and you now have an increase in stopping power. You will notice this immediately and reap all the benefits that come along with it like quicker stopping and less wear on your brake pads. EBC brakes are made specifically for your vehicle so you will not have to worry about them fitting or not.

If high performance is what you are after, then the EBC slotted rotors and EBC drilled rotors are your best options. Slotted EBC brakes will allow you to slow down much quicker without putting too much wear on your brake pads. They also remove dirt and dust that may be trapped between the brake pad and brake rotor. It goes without saying that the faster you go, the quicker you will need to stop and EBC brakes are the best at doing that. These EBC brake rotors are very affordable compared to other high end rotors while still performing just as good.

Drilled EBC brake rotors perform like the slotted rotors, but have a different design. These are for your weekend track car or high performance racing vehicle. They are somewhat heavier than the slotted rotors because there is more surface area, so slowing them down may be a little tougher. These EBC brake rotors put a little more stress on your brake pads, however. The drilled design scrapes away at the brake pads and can wear them down more than slotted rotors do, although you could upgrade to EBC brake pads to make them last even longer.

If you are wondering why you need slotted EBC brake rotors or drilled brake rotors for high performance, the answer is because blank rotors do not offer the benefits that these do. Blank rotors, which are also OEM rotors, are not designed to handle extremely high temperatures combined with constant braking. They are made for driving around town and highway commuting, which is what most people do. EBC brakes produce a little more brake dust than blank rotors, but this is common with any high performance rotor.

The latest from EBC brakes is their carbon disc brakes. These EBC brakes are extremely durable and can handle extreme heat due to their slotted pattern. They are designed for street vehicles and hot hatches with engine swaps of some sort. They will run much cooler and put less strain on your brake pads while still performing at their best. If you want the best performance from these EBC brakes, then use them in conjunction with the EBC Bluestuff NDX brake pads.

Anyone with mountain bikes and scooters can also reap the benefits from EBC brake rotors. There are many different types available for what you need. EBC mountain bike brakes are the number one replacement rotors for your worn out ones. They will make stopping easier on those sharp declines and last much longer. EBC scooter brakes are for those who want a flashy replacement rotor. They are made from stainless steel with a unique design to help with cooling.

EBC brakes are available internationally as well. They are based in the United Kingdom, but also have a distribution center in the United States so everyone can own great brake rotors.