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EBC BSD Disc Rotors

EBC BSD Rotors

The newest and most innovative performance rotors from EBC are their BSD rotors. EBC BSD Disc Rotors are made from Hi silicone and Hi carbon cast iron alloy. This material is much stronger than any other and will extend the life of the pad as well. EBC BSD rotors have a vee slot design that allows for maximum cooling and expels dirt and dust better than any other. These blade sport discs are designed to reduce any noise while driving.

Not only is braking power increased, but EBC BSD Sport rotors look great as well. The machined grooves stand out and will give the vehicle a show-car look. The surface has an anti-corrosion protection applied to reduce the chance of rust. Most high performance cars come equipped with high carbon discs which add to its appearance. You can make your car feel and look like a supercar when upgrading to these rotors.

These replacement rotors are designed mainly for fast-street and race use due to their exceptional ways of keeping the rotor cool. However, they are still safe for everyday highway use. EBC rotors can handle constant stop-and-go braking while maintaining braking power. Increased performance under the hood needs quality brakes and rotors to assist in slowing the vehicle down.