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EBC GD Sport Rotors

EBC Sport Rotors

Automotive brake rotors are either found in slotted, drilled or blanks. EBC rotors have developed their GD sport rotors to combing both a slotted and dimpled design. EBC GD Sport rotors have machined slots on the surface as well as dimples to increase braking power and decrease any chance of a stress crack. Stress cracks can occur on slotted rotors or drilled rotors when they experience high temperatures. These sport rotors will prevent against brake fade as well.

The dimples and slots also protect the performance brakes from surface damage. The unique design expels dirt, dust and water to maximize braking efficiency. EBC slotted rotors have an anti-corrosion coating that will not rust even under extreme conditions.

High performance vehicles with high amounts of horsepower need to slow down at a faster rate than other vehicles. EBC slotted rotors will put less stress on the rotor itself. They will last longer and brake fade will be avoided. The car can perform much better at the track when brake fade is decreased.

EBC brakes are much cooler than any other. EBC 3GD rotors draw in cooler air through the slots to avoid brake fade and maximize the life of the rotor. Factory brakes & rotors can wear out excessively quick from constant braking under heavy loads. EBC slotted rotors are perfect for cars, trucks and SUVs who are looking for that extra stopping power to handle what is under the hood.

Just imagine how much quicker you will be able to stop with these rotors. They can either be used on the track or for everyday use and are much more affordable than OEM rotors. OE rotors do not dissipate heat as well as these replacement rotors and need to be serviced more often as well. EBC only produces quality brake components, and will never fail under the most extreme conditions.