automotibe brake pads and rotors

EBC MD Series Stainless Scooter Discs

EBC MD Series Scooter Discs

Sometimes your scooter just needs replacement rotors, not intended for high performance or to handle increased power. MD scooter discs are quality replacement rotors that give the scooter the same benefits of OEM rotors, but with some added lifetime and better stopping power.

Scooter rotors aren't as heavy duty as automotive rotors because of how light a scooter is. Scooters weigh in at a few hundred pounds, and automobiles weigh in at a few thousand pounds and sometimes even more. Using MD scooter rotors on an automotive would not work at all, and vice versa. MD scooter rotors are specific EBC rotors designed just for scooters.

The clamping force of scooter brakes needs to be quicker than automotive brakes & rotors as well. Quick and sudden stops for such a small scooter happen pretty often. Replacement rotors are needed more often due to the increased braking.

You will not have to worry about corrosion using these EBC brakes either. They are made from stainless steel and can be used all year round, even in the rain and snow. Other rotors will corrode and rust and will need replacing. They also do not look very appealing when they rust. The stainless steel design has great looks combined with great performance.

Scooter discs are thinner and more exposed than other brake rotors. They need to be strong to avoid damage from rocks and other road debris. The wheels on cars protect the rotors very well. Scooter wheels have large opening in which pebbles can contact the discs and damage it. EBC scooter discs are very solid to prevent this from happening.