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Scooters are some of the coolest pieces of transportation around. EBC scooter brakes consist of several different types of scooter brake pads and scooter disc brakes to take it from being average to awesome. EBC brake pads are available in organic, sintered and carbon. EBC brakes are available in the VR series brake discs and the MD series brake discs. EBC scooter discs are an excellent choice when replacing your current scooter's brake rotors.

EBC organic scooter pads offers good lifetime with minimal disc wear and great performance. You can take your scooter anywhere with these brake pads and not have to worry about walking it back home. The brake pads are superior to the originals and last much longer.

EBC carbon scooter pads will last much longer than organic pads and delivers quality brake effect. You can easily brake too hard using these pads if you aren't careful. They pack a more serious punch than any other brake pad material.

EBC sintered scooter pads are for larger and faster scooters. These would be considered the high performance scooters and deliver unbeaten braking power with extended life. They also work great with any of the EBC brake discs.

EBC MD series brake discs are stainless steel and an exact replacement for your original discs. The brake pads will grip them better and they are lighter than the originals. EBC VR brake discs are the lightest and best looking of the two. The design improves disc cooling which extends the lifetime and can also work with any type of brake pad.