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EBC Slotted Brake Rotors

EBC Slotted Brake Rotors

For the ultimate in high performance braking, slotted rotors are what most enthusiasts turn to. EBC slotted brake rotors have slots engraved on the rotor's surface that can dissipate heat better than blank rotors. Blank rotors are found on nearly every vehicle from the factory and do not have any engravings on the surface. They are usually made from cast iron to withstand the extreme heat that is caused during heavy and constant braking. Slotted brake rotors will last much longer than blank rotors as well.

Everyday vehicles that commute to work or shop around town wouldn't inherit a huge benefit from slotted rotors. Conditions aren't that harsh where better cooling is needed. Blank rotors would do just fine in this case and EBC premium brake rotors are the number one choice. Adding a set of EBC brake pads would be very beneficial for these types of driving.

High performance vehicles with high amounts of horsepower need to slow down at a faster rate than other vehicles. EBC slotted rotors will put less stress on the rotor itself. They will last longer and brake fade will be avoided. The car can perform much better at the track when brake fade is decreased.

This type of brake rotor wears out brake pads faster than any other rotor. The engraved slots tear up brake pads and are not a great choice for everyday driving. It would be wise to use slotted brake rotors just for the weekend to avoid changing brake pads frequently. Automotive brake rotors last much longer than the brake pads with some minor maintenance after they have seen many miles.

Factory blank brake rotors are not ideal for track and high performance vehicles because they cannot keep up with the demands. These types of brake rotors warp quicker than slotted and also have high chances for brake fade. EBC slotted brake rotors are also cheaper than OEM rotors and affordable auto parts are very appealing to many enthusiasts these days.