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EBC USR Slotted Rotors

EBC Slotted Rotors

Slotted rotors have their advantages over drilled or blank rotors. EBC USR slotted rotors are made from high quality grade iron to exceed OEM specifications. They are tested and heat treated to ensure durability and reliability. The USR rotors have engraved slots that allow for quicker cooling. These replacement rotors are perfect for those looking for improved sport braking with limited noise from the slots. EBC USR rotors are available for both imports and domestics. They also look great if you are upgrading to a set of aftermarket wheels.

If you want enhanced braking power and are in need of sport rotors, then the EBC USR rotors are for you. EBC brakes manufacturers each component with quality and are all corrosion-treated. Salt and snow is no match for these car brakes. When upgrading, it is highly recommended to use a set of EBC brake pads as well. USR rotors will wear down conventional brake pads quicker than any other. A good option for these would be EBC redstuff or EBC greenstuff brake pads.

Water, dirt and debris will also be removed easier using these brake rotors. When the rotor spins, dirt and debris will build up on the rotor. Conventional blank rotors have trouble releasing these materials and will see increased surface wear. Brakes and rotors are just as important as the engine, so quality should be kept in mind. Going with cheap rotors can have huge consequences and will be more costly in the long run.