automotibe brake pads and rotors

EBC VR Series Scooter Discs

EBC VR Scooter Discs

If you live in the city where stop and go traffic is normal, then your scooter's brakes need to handle lots of stress from constant braking. EBC VR rotors are the lightest and best looking scooter rotors. These lightweight rotors will not slow you down when you are speeding past slow moving cars. The VR scooter rotors have a low profile which improves cooling of both the brake disc and pad. Scooter brakes should not be heavy as they would slow it down, which is why EBC brakes have the lightest ones around.

Versatility is the main characteristic of the VR scooter rotors. They can be used with any size scooter and any type of pad. They are also made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion or rust from water or any other type of harmful material. Your brake pads will also have no chance at wearing these down to decrease their life. These EBC rotors are created with extreme hardness to prevent wear and cracking.

You will be able to rely on your brakes & rotors when flying down the backstreets. The VR series rotors will bounce back every time from either constant braking or quick and sudden braking. Brake fade will be avoided with the right set of pads as well.

Your scooter will stand out from the rest with these EBC brakes. The surface is polished and will catch the eyes of any bystander. Scooter parts were always made for performance, without considering appearance. EBC has set themselves apart from the rest once again with this brand new design.