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Energy Suspension Bushings

Energy Suspension Bushings

Nuts and bolts are not the only thing that holds your car's suspension together. Each suspension component is connected by a bushing. The bushing is designed to flex with the suspension and provide a comfortable riding vehicle. Automotive suspension bushings are found throughout the vehicle including the control arm, sway bar and leaf springs.

Factory suspension bushings are ideal for light driving. Energy Suspension bushings replace the factory bushings to create a more balanced vehicle. Automotive bushings act like cartilage in human joints. They connect various parts together to create a smooth movement. The main goal is to link one suspension component to the other with a bushing. These suspension bushings come in different types including polyurethane bushings and rubber bushings. Rubber bushings are found on all vehicles from the factory and polyurethane bushings are offered from Energy Suspension.

Automotive suspension bushings can be the last part that completes your vehicle's ride control. Adding expensive parts like coil-over kits and sway bars are useless without quality Energy Suspension bushings. Their bushings are the leader of the automotive market. They offer products for cars, trucks and 4x4s. There are a few reasons why one should upgrade to Energy Suspension bushings. The first one is performance. Performance is vastly improved when using polyurethane bushings. Improvements can be felt on the race track or just everyday street driving. The owner will feel confident when making a turn that the suspension will do what it's supposed to do. Durability is proven with Energy Suspension bushings. Their polyurethane suspension components are made out of superior materials that do not corrode from road debris and the outside elements. The polyurethane bushings look great as well. Energy Suspension bushings are available in black or red to match the theme of your car.

A vehicle's drive axles take daily abuse from the uneven roads and constant turning. The factory rubber bushings wear out excessively quick on this suspension component. Upgrading to Energy Suspension bushings before the factory bushings fail can be crucial. Drive axles are very expensive compared to the bushing. Along with the car's axles, tie rods and ball joints take daily abuse as well. Rubber bushings in these components tend to crack causing the part to fail. A set of Energy Suspension bushings will provide for quality replacement. Energy Suspension bushings are also available for strut rods, motor mounts, control arms, torque arms, cross member and the car's sub-frame. Complete master bushing sets are also offered by Energy Suspension. This kit is vehicle specific and comes with every bushing used in the vehicle's suspension. This is a huge overhaul kit that will replace all the factory rubber bushings. Aftermarket automotive suspension components are very expensive. They are expensive because the suspension is a main function of the vehicle and controls the entire ride. Energy Suspension bushings will protect these expensive parts by linking them together with a quality bushing.

Polyurethane bushings are far superior to rubber bushings. Rubber bushings are found in every car that comes from the factory. All of Energy Suspension products are made out of polyurethane for increased performance and longevity. Any vehicle's factory rubber suspension bushings will crack and corrode over time. Rubber is not made to withstand so much abuse. Compare rubber bushings to tires and you can think of why rubber bushings need to be replaced. Tires often need to be replaced at 20 thousand miles or so. Polyurethane bushings will last the lifetime of the car and do not need routine maintenance. A typical sign of suspension bushings starting to weaken is steering wheel vibration.

Bushings are found in the engine bay, too. A motor is mounted on what is called motor mounts. These mounts prevent the engine from flexing during acceleration. Energy Suspension bushings are much stronger and provide durability. Adding performance parts to the car's engine will increase its power and create more flex for the engine. The Energy Suspension bushings will prevent excessive flex that stock motor mounts would allow. The motor mounts also reduce noise. If the motor sat on nuts and bolts, we would hear every little noise while driving. Energy Suspension motor mounts will provide a decrease in noise levels as well. Factory motor mounts are said to be replaced at around 60,000 miles. Deterioration will start to set in and can drop the motor on the frame of the car with a cracked motor mount. If the car's engine were to fall, it would cause serious damage to surrounding parts. Energy Suspension bushings have been developed to handle all of these problems.