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If you roll around in a large vehicle, Centric severe duty brake shoes provide the stopping power you need. Heavier drivetrains exit the assembly plant with an adequate braking system. But if you use your hauler for towing through harsh driving conditions, extra reinforcement may be necessary. Centric severe duty brake shoes are designed with a brawnier style, showing off higher grade materials and more width. Of course, the most important aspect is the fitment. Added size cannot get in the way. Despite their substantial configuration, Centric severe duty brake shoes match OEM specifications for an accurate fit.

Weight gets distributed forward in most trucks or SUVs. This displacement causes stress in OEM brake drum shoes. When you add cargo or towing into the mix, it is amplified further. Centric HD brake drum shoes are able to handle higher weight capacities because the metal compound is reinforced. There is also greater coverage that accounts for any previous gaps. Part of this is due to the rivet design Centric HD brake drum shoes feature. The rivet style helps sustain equal pressure around the braking system. In turn, Centric HD brake shoes allow stopping performance to remain consistent, even if your truck is loaded up with heavy cargo equipment.

Another benefit drivers receive is an alleviation of disruptive debris. There is a certain element of sleekness to these heavy duty brake shoes. The formula Centric uses puts a concentration on removing the emission of brake dust and sediment. As the brakes grip under duress, the proprietary material does not degrade. Instead, the heavy duty brake shoes are able to function while maintaining their original composition. This is important more specifically for inclement weather or high temps. Even after a long day of towing in the middle of a heat wave, the heavy duty brake shoes will not cause undue friction which results in debris. In addition, only safe, contributory substances are used during manufacturing. Centric drum shoes are completely Asbestos-free.

Rigorous testing is conducted before Centric ships out each order. This includes using a dynamometer to observe stopping levels. All heavy duty brake shoes are guaranteed to meet (and surpass) OEM guidelines in terms of effectiveness and durability. The product is a direct fit for your vehicle, making installation simple. HD brake sets come with any necessary pins and levers.

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