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Strength is the biggest factor when it comes to c-tek metallic brake pads. Your brakes wear down gradually. It is mostly predicated upon consistent metal upon metal contact. When two materials are in conflict, the stronger material wins. When you throw heat from braking into the mix, the friction surface matters even more. C-tek metallic brake pads meet the exterior of the rotors with extra reinforcement compared to the OEM. Companies try to find ways to make their friction materials less fragile. Centric does this by using their own compound on their c-tek metallic brake pads for a consistent grip.

Just by taking a glance you can see the improvement. The interior of c-tek metallic brake pads have a streamlined thickness comprised of multiple substances. This consists of shaved metals such as copper and iron mixed in with an emulsifying agent for strength and heat dissipation. As the centric metal brake pads clamp down, the compound attaches to the rotor. The thickness of the rotor combined with the friction from the calipers is why the car stops. Each time this occurs, heat is created. C-tek metallic brake pads feature the right mixture of friction materials that will not initiate overheating.

Once again, the compound is hard at work. Because the rotors spin at an extremely high rate, the replacement brake lining has to be resilient. Otherwise, the rotors will simply grind the padding down. If that happens, both components will begin to heat soak. Without subbing in a c-tek brake system, the calipers can slip, which is dangerous. The resin is why this is no longer a problem. It promotes a more efficient damping surface for heat to escape from the c-tek metallic brake pads. With less heat, not only is braking better, but the whole system lasts longer.

A lot of drivers also notice a decrease in noise. The contact the Centric metal brake pads prevent excessive screeching. There is an increase in sound absorption over the surface of the discs. Even after thousands of miles, the material stays engaged. Centric purposefully attaches their shims in the most geometrically sound angles next to the c-tek metallic brake pads to cushion vibration. Some cars with more power may degrade the lining faster. That is why c-tek metallic brake pads have to be matched up with the proper set of rotors to function optimally.

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