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Several improvements make Centric brake drums a worthy replacement over worn out factory parts. This is both a question of safety and increased efficiency. Multiple important components make up automotive rear brakes. There are the backing plates, wheel cylinders, and shoes. Neglecting this area can lead to a host of issues. Centric brake drums are manufactured using the same specifications that the OEMs do. That includes the size as well as the materials. The main difference is that Centric brake drums are reinforced and intended to portray a higher level of durability at a driver-friendly price.

Consider that most stopping power originates from the front. Therefore, it is the automotive rear brakes that are expected to last the longest. The problem is that it can be difficult to tell when it is time for replacement because they are taken for granted. Most of the time, issues begin to arise after the friction from the shoes begins to fade. The interior of Centric brake drums is intended to accommodate friction longer due to the surfacing. Cast iron material is used and then treated for temperature management. Abrasive friction from the shoes endures longer on Centric brake drums because the material will not thin out due to heat soak.

The machining process also results reduced noise and vibration. Many times, replacement OEM brake drums will demonstrate the same volume that you were experiencing before. That is because the material is untreated. Another added benefit to the machining Centric provides is that it conducts heat around the components in a more balanced manner. There is no domino effect to worry about dealing with. Since the Centric brake drum is kept at a cooler temperature, all of the parts around it are as well. That means the plates and shoes will not prematurely break down in stopping performance.

A little bit of style is also available with Centric brake drums. Depending on the application, an electrostatic finish is applied. While this finish does offer protection for the surface, it also gives the replacement OEM brake drums a specialized look. The reason why drivers want this is often for custom wheels with wide spacing. With these wheels, the Centric brake drums are visible beneath the spokes. Although not critical for part integrity, enthusiasts enjoy the added touch that they receive.

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