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The main benefit Centric OEM brake shoes offer is an effortless transition. They are made with the exact same specifications that the factory uses, so there is no issue with fitment. When you take the old ones off, you simply install the Centric OEM brake shoes in their place. While the fit is an important factor, so is overall function. How Centric OEM brake shoes perform and what their friction surface is comprised of are also noteworthy. Several reasons highlight this upgrade and guide you towards a high quality replacement that improves your vehicle.

Understanding how brake drums work is the first step. Unlike discs, drums are stopped on the inside, not the outside. What happens is that liner from the Centric OEM brake shoes initiates contact with the interior of the drum, either slowing down or stopping the vehicle. Both the design of the part and the composition of materials contribute to this effect. The brake shoe lining is made of a combination of substances that are slightly softer than the metal used for the backing plate. These materials include shaved copper and zinc along with a resin base layered over the Centric OEM brake shoes (no asbestos). It is a proprietary formula. The diversity and layering of the brake shoe lining is what causes the intense friction against the interior drum surface.

While performance is based largely on the friction padding, the shape is also responsible for effectiveness. As mentioned above, Centric OEM brake shoes use the same measurements as your automaker. But where they differ is in execution. The stock lining table and plates are somewhat narrow. When heat is created by the friction of the drums or the parking brake, it causes wear. The advantage Centric OEM brake shoes have is that they hold a more substantial format that supports both temperature variations and piston engagements. This is ultimately what decides durability. Thanks to the bolstered design, premium brake shoes last a very long time.

Endurance may vary depending on the vehicle type and activity level of the driver. In most cases, premium brake shoes last a long time because they are installed in the rear. The only time fatigue is an issue is if the system housing is damaged and in need replacement itself. So long as the surrounding components are in good shape, Centric OEM brake shoes will surpass the stock lifespan.

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