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You can use Centric hydraulic hoses for either the front or rear of your truck. The configuration for each side is different than the other and is based upon your individual setup. It comes down to the fittings, which is how an automotive brake hose is connected to the calipers and/or drums. It is rare for a vehicle to require custom fittings but it does happen occasionally. Centric hydraulic hoses have universal ends, which makes them eligible for most truck applications.

What Centric specializes in is pressure and heat tolerance. If conducting a rubber brake hose replacement, both are equally important. The pliability in the material as well as its ability to host the fluid is critical. Centric hydraulic hoses are not made of a higher-grade rubberized material. This is noticeable from the outside but it is also present on the inside. Hydraulic brake fluid varies in temperature. Since heat is created when brakes are engaged, this liquid rises in temperature. After a while, it can wear out the inside of the tubing. If your automotive brake hose is of good quality, then this is less of an issue.

As the liquid travels, it carries heat along with chemical additives. Putting these together can ruin a low quality aftermarket truck brake line. The interior of the hosing is susceptible to wear at a gradual rate. The difference is you can see the outside of a hose but not the inside. The only way to tell is when your hydraulic brakes begin to fail. It is why durable construction is so crucial. Centric hydraulic hoses are purposefully layered in order to accommodate continuous heat and chemicals. Fluid will not rot the interior tubing nor will extreme temps. Functionality remains optimal during all driving conditions. Plus, it helps Centric hydraulic hoses last incredibly long.

Air pressure is another factor to consider. When you press your brakes, it activates the master cylinder, which in turn, initiates pressure to the Centric hydraulic hose and to the pistons in the calipers or wheel cylinder. A proper PSI must be maintained for this process to work. If pressure drops too far, the brakes will not work. Centric hydraulic hoses are guaranteed to distribute the adequate PSI relative to your vehicle. Their diameter is reinforced to prevent crimping and other interference. Best of all, Centric hydraulic hoses are simple OEM replacements requiring no further modifications.

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