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The purpose of Centric premium rotors is to provide a high quality substitute for the factory parts. But that does not mean it is intended to be a switched-in piece that delivers the same level of performance. In fact, Centric premium rotors are designed to be stronger and longer lasting. Approximately half of this objective is accomplished during manufacturing and the other half is taken care of with the finish. Centric premium rotors feature construction that is technologically advanced but still keeps the original premise. The only difference is that their ability to handle turbulent elements is much greater.

In terms of manufacturing, Centric OEM rotors are similar to stock. The main departure is the in the disc grinding, which is doubled. A benefit to the Centric OEM rotors being double disc ground is related to thickness. The factory discs may have an uneven surface that fails to properly break in new pads. Moreover, it can lead to a reduction in friction. Centric OEM rotors will remain even and parallel. Whether you are breaking in fresh pads or desire longevity, the surface can handle it. Although not the main objective, this manufacturing procedure also makes Centric OEM rotors remain quiet, even after thousands of miles of use.

Perhaps what this part is best known for is its electrostatic coating, or “e-coating.” Basically, all premium replacement rotors are given a specialized electrostatic finish for extra protection. The reason why this is useful is because it can handle moisture and climate changes much better than factory standard finishes. Without this coating, premium replacement rotors would not last more than a few months. As soon as they would be exposed to a few rainstorms corrosion would set in. Centric decided to take corrosion resistance a step further. The e-coating their premium replacement rotors feature is meant to last through hundreds of hours of precipitation without displaying a single sign of rust.

Two areas that you can depend on OEM replication are the castings and vanes. Each Centric brake disc has a center-split core casting. For drivers with an active lifestyle, this casting offers a high degree of thermal tolerance, as it is more adept at transferring heat. Plus, whichever vane design your automaker used is what you will receive. Following installation, your brake rotors will perform as if they came with your car in the first place.

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