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When it comes time for aftermarket brake calipers there are several areas that need attention. The overall construction is important because if there is just the slightest deviation, it may not match up to the rotor. The clamping prowess may also be compromised. These are common issues that drivers have to deal with when looking for parts to fit in their automotive braking system. Centric has made it easy by assembling their semi-loaded calipers according to OEM standards.

All of the components present in original part(s) are included. The semi-loaded calipers come with guide bolts, pins, and seals so that installation is hassle-free. Centric is responsible for manufacturing many of the brake parts that automakers use at the assembly plant. They know the correct sizing for each piece that goes into making a semi-loaded caliper. The guide bolts and through-bolts are rendered using specific measurements provided by the OEM. There is no inconsistency with how the slide pin fits or the location of the bleed valve.

Centric calipers are made of cast iron and then tumble blasted. This is a process that involves using machinery to remove any imperfections on the surface of the part. The difference here is that Centric calipers are tumbled with steel shot. So not only are they being cleaned, their surface is also given reinforcement. The result is that Centric calipers are much more resistant to the hot, moist atmosphere the braking system provides. Thanks to the steel shot, the part is better conditioned. Each Centric caliper is not only resistant to corrosion, but it is also equipped to handle extreme changes in heat pressure.

Following the remanufacturing process, Centric tests the unit to determine its ability to withstand pressure and its basic operation. Once the aftermarket brake caliper cover has demonstrated adequate toughness it is then tested for fitment. That is the last phase of testing but it is critical. Because one aftermarket brake caliper has to be able host multiple types of pads, the core and housing have to be precise.

Some have wondered what types of vehicles these are made for. At this point, Centric premium replacement calipers are available for many trucks and vans. They are geared towards large vehicles which have heavier braking requirements. Installation can be conducted at home, as all remanufactured calipers come with matching hardware.

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