Centric brake pads and rotors

Extended Wear Pads

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For vehicles that are constantly busy, extended wear pads are a significant upgrade. There are a lot of moving parts inside of an automotive braking system. At any given moment, contact on the rotors is adjusted. Friction can fluctuate, leading to inconsistencies in the wear pattern. Centric developed their extended wear pads to compensate for the stress that continuously plagues your brakes. This might not be an issue if you have a spare vehicle that rarely sees the road. But for fleet vehicles and other busy drivers, extended wear pads can play a large role. They brake more efficiently than OEM pads and last considerably longer, as well.

Rotors are designed to host friction. The problem is that sometimes, custom brake pads are too harsh on the surface, leading to accelerated degradation and noise. When this is an issue, replacement becomes necessary. Centric quiet brake pads are constructed using what is called a “positive molding process.” The friction material is glazed in place in a balanced manner. There is less inconsistent contact. Instead, Centric quiet brake pads are able to display wear evenly. And that is the key. The balancing out of friction fatigue allows Centric quiet brake pads to last longer since one side is not more worn out than the other.

In turn, the rotors are also saved from being thinned out. This is a big advantage because it means that because your custom brake pads have a longer life, so do your rotors. Your brakes work better and have more endurance, allowing you to save money on premature replacements. However, one of the other benefits to having custom brake pads is their lower noise level. A big reason why has to do with the shims. Rather than being crunched in place, Centric meticulously attaches them mechanically. This results in a reduction in grinding. The Custom brake pads take away incessant screeching that is both disruptive and harmful.

When it comes to delivering a precise fit, that responsibility falls on the backing plates. These are the areas that rest against the inside of the calipers. Posi quiet extended wear brake pads feature back plates that are digitally measured and trimmed according to your vehicle’s exact specifications.

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