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The reason fleet performance pads are different is because they are meant for both industrial and emergency vehicles. The everyday automobile needs effective stopping capability on residential roads. But a standard braking system is not tested the same way. Vehicles such as ambulances and police cruisers require intensive components that last longer. Fleet performance pads provide perseverance active vehicles need to stay on the road. Centric uses tougher materials than the OEM so that their products can stand up to extreme heat without deteriorating. On top of that, fleet performance pads fit exactly as the factory intended.

It all starts with the manufacturing process. In order for Centric fleet brake pads to endure chaotic driving conditions they are crafted with quality friction materials. Typical composite shaved metals wear down due to heat and pressure. What sets Centric fleet brake pads apart is the brand’s “para-aramid friction compound.” This proprietary material was developed specifically to deal with obtuse variations in hot and cold. The response in either temperature stays consistent. Centric fleet brake pads perform the same in high octane pursuits and constant stopping and starting. Also, there is no asbestos to worry about. Although Centric fleet brake pads do not emit a lot of dust, what does erode is immeasurably safer.

You can also see a difference in their lack of sound. The endurance brake systems are shimmed on the interior of the pad. What this does is dampen noise. The constant grinding of automotive brake pads, especially at accelerated speeds, can lead to screeching and squealing. That is because the material is being forced into contact at unnecessary angles. Centric applies a geometric solution to ensure the shims on their endurance brake systems are equally effective and lasting.

Before this product launched it underwent rigorous testing. During a police cruiser cycling test (using a dynamometer), the police brake pads demonstrated the least amount of wear among all competitors. In addition, the European AK Master Test also yielded impressive results. When put up against other commercial brake pads, Centric emitted the lowest noise levels along with the highest friction quotient. This is perhaps why they are in use in most law enforcement agencies and municipal service companies around the world. Centric endurance brake systems consistently show that they can withstand intense circumstances without sacrificing performance.

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