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Matching OEM performance is what posi-quiet calipers are intended to offer. It starts with functional design. When it comes to automotive brakes, the front of most vehicles relies on a clamping system. A variety of components are pressed into action to stop your car or truck. These pieces are hosted in the disc brake clamps. Without proper maintenance, the system fails. Posi-quiet calipers use the same method as the OEM as well as many of the same components. That is due to the remanufacturing process Centric employs to ensure that performance is equal to, if not better than before.

But there are several key differences between posi-quiet calipers and the factory. The first has to do with the name of the product. Posi-quiet calipers emit less noise during braking. Less vibration is prevalent because there is a concentration on the fitment of the pads. This is aided by the presence of the “quiet clips”, which are support clips that are nestled inside of the disc brake clamps. In older cars, these clips are more cumbersome and have a tendency to rattle, especially after a lot of usage. When your car is motion and you need to brake, these clips in the posi-quiet calipers stay stringent thanks to tougher composition and placement.

A secondary trait that is no less beneficial has to do with the finish. The main concern with remanufacturing is the outer shell and if it has oxidation or corrosion. Many drivers also look for refinished parts to save on the costs the dealership may offer. All posi-quiet calipers are vigorously scrubbed and treated to present a “like new” finish. In fact, the construction of the part is better than new because of the coating Centric provides. Instead of being bare iron, each posi-quiet caliper is coated with zinc dichromate, which not only protects against corrosion, but looks attractive, as well. You can even use custom paint for an added touch if your car has aftermarket wheels.

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is that posi-quiet calipers come complete. That means they come with pads, pins, bolts, and seals. Ordering loaded calipers is advantageous because it saves both time and money. You do not have to piece together separate Centric brake parts to put them together. Everything is included. Also, you will already know that each component is correct because the loaded calipers are assembled specifically for your vehicle.

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