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The main attraction to Centric semi-metallic brake pads is durability. This is not as simple as it sounds and there are various components at work to make it happen. Your OEM car brakes are based off of a template that is intended to match the configuration of your overall system. It takes multiple moving parts in order for a vehicle to stop. Your foot hitting the pedal is merely the beginning. The master cylinder’s pressure increases, sending fluid to the calipers, which clamps down on the discs. If your car brakes have inadequate padding, the entire process is compromised. It is also a safety concern. Centric semi-metallic brake pads are made to exhibit strong stopping force so that lasts.

Getting your vehicle to come to a stop is based on friction. How this friction is encouraged determines the endurance of a disc brake system. Centric semi-metallic brake pads are known for their abrasiveness. Their most important attribute is their ability to bite the rotor regardless of driving circumstances. While drivers may want Centric semi-metallic brake pads for additional quiet, it is their aggressive friction that is the biggest advantage. They offer higher braking force for a noticeable improvement, especially on hills and curves.

However, initially, Centric semi-metallic brake pads may appear to be softer than the OEM. That is because they may need more time to bed in. Instead, Centric semi-metallic brake pads are purposefully designed for comfortable distance. But at the moment of contact the proper amount of force is always demonstrated. Some drivers will forcefully test their new premium metallic brake pads to get them to grip quicker. For example, a car owner may make sudden stops in a safe environment in order to find a better biting action. Eventually, the grip will strengthen as the brake lining wears in.

The best part is that there is less dust accumulation. Centric semi-metallic brake pads do not create a lot of debris because the inner surface does not have a loose texture. The decrease in dust is a direct result of a more stringent compound. Dust only becomes prevalent if you have significant degradation on the rotors or if the brake lining has been damaged due to chemical exposure. But if used properly, less sediment should be noticeable. This is more evidence how Centric semi-metallic brake pads are able to display extra power without wearing out.

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