clutch and flywheel

ACT Clutch Kit

ACT Clutch Kit

Technology is at an all-time high in the automotive industry today. Without new technology, every company would be in the same boat and the world would be a monopoly. ACT clutch kits use the latest technology to produce their automotive drivetrain components. A proper working drivetrain will create for increased engine and transmission longevity.

Selecting aftermarket automotive parts may not be someone's strong suit. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, selecting the proper components may take some time. ACT clutch kits have made it very easy for the customer to select their automotive parts. ACT clutch kit automotive parts are offered based on a few factors including make, model and year of the vehicle, as well as type of driving the vehicle is used for. After these options are selected, ACT clutch kit produces only the clutch kits that are suitable for the specific application. This makes it much easier than other companies who just offer clutch kits with no support. ACT clutch kits have clutches for stock use all the way up to extreme race use. ACT clutch kits doesn't just want to sell products, they want to provide the necessary support needed in order for their products to perform just as well.

There are a few great reasons to upgrade to an ACT clutch kit. Not only do aftermarket clutch kits handle more power, but they smooth out the operation of the vehicle as well. Factory transmissions sometimes have a soft and mushy pedal feel. ACT clutch kits tighten up the clutch pedal and give the driver a better feel. Every ACT clutch kit is different from the next. Some kits offer enhanced clutch noise, while others offer increased clutch life. The most important thing is to select the right clutch for your vehicle. There is no such thing as the "best" clutch for any car or truck. The "best" clutch is based on what your vehicle needs. An aftermarket clutch in a 600hp diesel truck would not be right for a 165hp 4-cylinder car.

As with most automotive parts, there are many different types of clutch kits. ACT clutches are created using different materials that handle torque differently. Organic, ceramic, kevlar, feramic, carbon, and sintered iron are the materials used in creating their clutch kits. An organic clutch is designed to operate just like the factory clutch. It has a long life expectancy based on regular driving and has very smooth engagement. Kevlar clutch material can handle higher temperature and more abuse than organic. Too much abuse and the clutch can be ruined. A ceramic clutch is perfect for very high temperatures, but may not perform well in street driving. The highest temperatures possible are handled by a sintered iron clutch kit. Engagement is extremely harsh and designed only for race and track use. ACT clutch kits offer products based on vehicle torque and type of driving done. The higher the torque, the stronger the clutch material needs to be.

XACT Flywheels

ACT Clutch Kit

Pairing the proper flywheel to the clutch is just as important. ACT streetlite flywheel and prolite flywheel provide exact fitment with their clutch kits. ACT streetlite flywheel is their most popular and is much lighter and stronger than the factory flywheel. It increases drivability and durability. ACT prolite flywheel is even lighter than the streetlite flywheel. ACT prolite flywheel is designed for rally and drag racing for better throttle response. It is not recommended to pair a different flywheel with an ACT clutch disc. The ACT XACT flywheels are produced to provide better performance when installed with their clutch kits.

Pressure Plates

The transmission's pressure plate needs to handle daily abuse. ACT pressure plates are offered in 4 different versions, with each one providing more clamp load than the next. ACT sport pressure plate provides a factory pedal feel and has increased clamp load by about 10 to 30 percent. ACT heavy duty pressure plate can handle a bit more torque than the sport, and it meets SFI specifications to ensure proper safety. ACT xtreme pressure plate increases clamp load by 50 to 120 percent. ACT maxx xtreme pressure plate is their most extreme part and can handle 70 to 150 percent more clamping load. The pedal feel on this pressure plate is very stiff. Some drivers like a softer pedal similar to factory and others like a stiffer pedal.

Street Discs

Clutch discs are offered in a few different types. ACT modified, ACT performance and ACT ridged are streets discs that work in conjunction with the ACT XACT flywheels. ACT modified street disc s provide for quicker shifting and increased durability. They can handle higher heats than the factory as well. ACT performance street disc are at the middle of the pack and meet SFI specifications. The performance street disc can handle more abuse than the modified street disc. Lighter weight and smooth clutch engagement is offered from the ACT rigid street disc. This street disc is designed for high performance racing and will increase gear noise. This is sometimes known as clutch chatter.

Race Discs

High performance drag and street racing put high amounts of pressure and heat on the drivetrain components. ACT race discs are designed to handle very high temperatures with great reliability. ACT spring-centered, ACT rigid-hub and ACT sintered iron are the three race discs available. Each race discs is crafted using premium parts and materials. Longevity is not an issue with any ACT race disc. They have been designed for extreme high performance driving.