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Competition Clutch Automotive Clutch and Flywheel

Operating a manual transmission vehicle is somewhat of an art form. Shifting through each gear without any sudden jerks can be tricky at first. The factory clutch and flywheel is often easy to operate, but can wear out rather quickly. Competition Clutch offers clutch & flywheel upgrades for both street and high performance driving. A Competition Clutch kit includes the necessary components to replace the factory one. The vehicle's drivetrain is important to properly operate and maintain.

Getting out of first gear is the single hardest task when learning to operate a manual transmission. The clutch pedal and gas pedal must be in sync. The clutch pedal must be slowly released while light pressure is added to the gas pedal. When upgrading to a performance clutch kit, this motion is made trickier. The clutch pedal has a springier feel to it than the factory. A racing clutch kit is the hardest of all clutches to drive. It is meant for high performance racing like drag and track and is not recommended for street driving.

Once out of first gear, the motion becomes almost religious. Newer vehicles are equipped with either a 5 speed manual or 6 speed manual transmissions. Each manufacturer is different. A Competition Clutch kit will work with either type of transmission. In a 6 speed manual transmission, the gears are closer together and require more shifts. In a 5 speed transmission, the gears are further apart and do not require that extra last gear. Cars with higher amounts of torque are typically found in 5 speeds like Mustangs. A Competition Clutch kit is specific for each vehicle and is a direct fitment. Proper alignment tools and professional installation is recommended with any Competition Clutch kit.

It isn't uncommon to put a little more wear and tear on the vehicles clutch when learning how to drive. Although it can be rough, the clutch will handle just fine with the added stress. Factory clutches can last forever. It all depends on how the driver maintains and shifts through each gear. The Competition Clutch kit is offered in racing, sport compact, super single racing, and twin disc racing kits. They are all specific for each driving style and offer torque capabilities that can handle extreme performance. A Competition Clutch flywheel works best when mated to their specific clutch kits.

Opening up an automotive transmission is not for the inexperience. There is a lot riding on proper removal and installation. When installing a Competition Clutch kit, only reputable users should be doing it. Improper installation and the transmission can fail. Parts can crack and catastrophes will happen. The automotive transmission is a very expensive piece of equipment to replace. The Competition Clutch kit would be useless if it is not installed correctly.

Not only are smooth shifts needed, but shifting at the right time is needed. This can take some time. In each owner's manual, there are speed ratios for each specific gear. This should be read by anyone new to a manual transmission. There are certain speeds that each gear should be shifted at. The lower gears like one through three cannot handle what the higher ones can. Cruising at 70mph in third gear would never happen. The rev limiter would be bouncing off redline. The Competition Clutch flywheel would not appreciate any of this happening.

Downshifting is made easier for the drivetrain when upgrading to a Competition Clutch kit. Slowing the vehicle down through this technique will save on brake repairs. Allowing the clutch and flywheel to slow the vehicle down is the proper way to operate a manual transmission. A Competition Clutch flywheel paired with its clutch will make for great deceleration speeds. Brake repairs and maintenance will have longer intervals because you will not be using them as much.

Choosing your own shift points and getting the most out of your vehicle is done when operating a manual transmission. This is very popular among race enthusiasts because it gives the driver more attachment to the road and the vehicle. Automatic transmissions are boring and do not give the driver that race feel.