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Crossover models are still a fairly new type of vehicle in the overall scope of the automotive industry, so the market isn't yet saturated with aftermarket cargo liners and mats for them. Husky Liners got involved with production for compact sport utility vehicles early on, so they have SUV cargo mats available for more models than nearly all other custom floor mat manufacturers. That means they have options for crossovers with and without third-row seating as well as those outfitted with sliding cargo decks. To select the Husky crossover SUV mats that are right for you, all it really takes is knowing your ride's year, make, and model, and that's it.

Cars and trucks are fairly simple to find floor liners for, but it can be different when searching for crossover SUV mats. That is mainly because regular floor mats are produced for common angles found on most vehicles' surfaces. For example, most sedans share similar spacing inside the cabin. The space in the passenger and driver's side isn't very dramatic from one car to the next. With sport utility hatchbacks, it is common for one model to have sweeping curves near the feet-wells and the rear seating area to display uneven dimensions. Universal floor liners are certainly not made to fit these types of vehicles.

It can become even trickier when you take into account the cargo area. It is very difficult to find adequate protection for the trunk of your SUV at an automotive parts store. Husky makes cargo liners that are designed, drafted, and cut specifically for each SUV model. This is why many drivers choose Husky cargo liners in the first place. Plus, there is no need to measure your vehicle for Husky Liners SUV cargo mats. Their crossover SUV mats are guaranteed to fit accurately for each region of your interior. In some rare cases you may have to trim your cargo liners, but in the event that it's necessary, directions come with your SUV cargo mats to make it easy to do it right.

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