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The reason why many truck owners go with Husky truck liners is because they are a direct replacement of the OEM mats with a personal touch. One of the best things about owning a vehicle is getting to put your stamp on it. Bypassing quality custom truck floor mats for cheap generic mats is a mistake because they aren't made especially for your vehicle, so how can they be expected to fit properly? Most times, they don't. Husky truck liners are designed to behave like custom truck mats that fit your vehicle as if the OEM put them there in the first place.

If you have been wondering how to measure the cab of your truck ahead of purchasing custom truck floor mats, you don't have to worry about it. Since Husky custom truck mats are vehicle-specific, all of the measuring has been done for you. The process that they use is very high-tech for their custom truck floor mats. Husky employs laser-scanning equipment which measures your cab's entire interior surface, accounting for all of the different contours and angles. There won't be any pronounced gaps or edging issues cheap mats usually betray. As for color, several shades are available including black, tan, and grey. Many drivers prefer to match the interior color of their vehicle while some like to mix it up so that their custom truck mats show off a more personalized look.

Truck floor liners are different not just in their fitment, but also in their material. Husky truck liners are made from a special substance that Husky developed in-house. It is a patented rubberized formula that features two main attributes. First, Husky custom truck floor mats are not made just to defend against spilled liquids and mud, but they can also handle various hazardous chemicals, also. This is important for drivers who transport sensitive materials. Secondly, Husky truck liners feature a surface that is waterproof. That means these heavy duty floor mats can be hosed off whenever you please and come out looking like new again.

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