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When you are doing research to help you choose your first (or next) intake system, there are several factors to keep in mind. What are your needs? Are you determined to improve your car's performance or are you just on the market for a boost in efficiency? Will your intake pipes function optimally with an aftermarket intake? And what kind of installation are you capable of handling? Of course, you also have to consider the cost and how much you're willing to spend.

These are just some of the questions motorists usually have if they are searching for cold air intake systems. As you might guess, most desire a balance between a jolt in horsepower and an increase in fuel mileage. DC Sports is a brand that fits the needs of drivers who are going after supercharged freedom but want tech-savvy design and effectiveness to hold it down. DC Sports has been in full operation for almost 30 years, providing racing models and street cars with performance parts that go the distance.

Engines usually get fed a continuous helping of thick, hot, dirty air. This isn't something new and in fact, it is also an issue not regularly recognized by the casual driving populous. But what folks don't realize is that as your engine continues to breathe hot, smoggy air, the overall performance level of your vehicle begins to suffer. Your horsepower will lag, obviously, because the engine is working harder to breathe out the unpalatable air. Throttle response suffers. Gas mileage dips. These concerns may seem incremental, but they add up the more you drive this way. And chances are, if you haven't been paying attention you've been driving that way a lot.

DC Sports Cold Air Intake Kits allow your engine to breathe the cooler, cleaner air it was meant to. It's that simple. The only difference is that the method DC Sports intake systems use to get the job done as opposed to how your stock setup functioned.

DC Sports cold air intakes showcase aluminum alloy tubes. These alloy tubes are crucial in two ways. First off, they are lighter and stronger than OEM filtration units. Secondly, because they are aluminum alloy, they are completely corrosion-resistant. And it is these tubes that are responsible for pushing away the hot air responsible for wreaking havoc on your engine. The other main piece to the intake kit is the air filter. Also constructed of aluminum alloy (and corrosion-resistant), DC designed the filter to not only perform at a competitive level, but made it so the filter does not need oil for filtration. This is important because with no oil, your vehicle's airflow sensor is protected against any potential contamination.

A nice hop in horsepower, quicker throttle timing, and improved fuel consumption can all be expected right away. Plus, a DC intake system is a direct bolt-on installation designed to maintain the intention of the factory filter, making it a DIY install (unless there is interference with other aftermarket parts: instructions are included). Each cold air intake kit contains a polished aluminum filter intake tube, filter, silicon hoses, hose clamps, and hardware (screws and washers). Should you require additional assistance just contact UltraRev and we'd be happy to help.

UltraRev is here for all of our drivers with whatever they need, which is why we work with brands like DC Sports when it comes to cold air intake systems. Whether you are a competitive racer or simply someone who likes to burn up the road, you want your engine to operate at peak performance no matter what. We've got the intakes to make it happen. Click on the Shop Now button to learn more!

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