DC sport headers and air intake systems

Cold Air Intake Systems

DC Sport

In the world of auto racing, when a car hits what they call clean air, it means the car has space in front and is away from the pack, where exhaust is heavy and things are slow. But the truth is, it is not just race car drivers (or racing enthusiasts) who should be concerned with clean air. Every driver should want their engine to enjoy a steady diet of cleaner air. That's where DC Sports Cold Air Intake Systems come into play. With a DC Sports Cold Air Intake kit, your engine gets to breathe the way it was intended to. And the benefits are noticeable right away. We're talking a jump in horsepower, a more efficient throttle reaction, and most importantly, an overall healthier engine. The best part is that thanks to the increased air efficiency, your vehicle will be reaping all of the performance rewards without consuming more fuel.

DC Sports Cold Air Intake Kits differ from stock OEM parts due to their corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy tubes. These tubes shoo the hot, filthy air away from your engine. The (reusable and washable) air filter (also made of aluminum alloy and corrosion-resistant) requires no oil for filtration, eliminating any shot your airflow sensor reaches contamination. And to top it all off, DC Sports Air Intake Systems keep the exact same approach as a stock intake but at (approximately) half the weight and with an immeasurable amount of improvement. If you're serious about keeping your vehicle's engine bay operating at peak performance, then a DC Sports Cold Air Intake System isn't an upgrade, it's a necessity. Browse through UltraRev's catalog today to take the first step in improving your car's oxygen the right way.