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Exhaust Tips

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Looking for a mix of thunder and smoothness? Interested in a little kick while on the road? The right exhaust tip completes the performance package.

If you have upgraded (or are thinking about upgrading) your overall exhaust system or muffler, choosing the exhaust tip is an essential part of the process that presents a wide range of options. Replacing your dull, underperforming factory tip injects a very quick touch of style that's noticeable immediately. It sends a distinct message. Of course, going with a larger exhaust tip creates more volume and initiates a jump in horsepower. That sends a message, too. DC Sports Exhaust Tips do both extremely well. With DC Sports Exhaust Tips you have all the choices you need with a variety of sizes, cuts, and colors. It doesn't matter if you drive a high-velocity sports compact or cruise leisurely in luxury, DC makes an exhaust tip you can rely on. Either way, you are getting your hands on stainless steel power that commands attention.

And that's the bottom line. DC Sports specializes in producing outstanding quality and their performance exhaust tips are no different. Constructed of T-304 stainless steel, DC Sports makes resonated tips that are built to last. Resonated exhaust tips are lined with fiberglass to temper the noise coming from the exhaust for a more ear-catching sound. Plus, the larger the tip, the larger the volume (sizes range from 2" to 3.5"). There are also more than enough styles and cuts to choose from: Straight cut, slant cut, square, oval, metallic gold, titanium burnt, blue, polished... there are options out there for all drivers' tastes. Installation is also a non-issue. All DC Sports Bolt-On Exhaust Tips feature a 3-bolt clamping system that locks the tip right on for an uncompromising factory-perfect fit.

Stainless steel exhaust tips make a difference. This is one aftermarket performance improvement that goes a long way. If you are on the search for an exhaust tip that's right for your ride, UltraRev is the place to be. Our selection of official DC Sports performance exhaust tips showcases the kind of possibilities that gets drivers motivated. We're here for you for whatever questions you might have. Get involved today!