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DC Sports is known for performance through innovation. That doesn't mean blindly experimenting but rather, testing what works, what doesn't, and why certain parts may need improvement. This isn't merely tweaking or minor adjustments, either. There are plenty of performance parts DC Sports has overhauled or changed the design on with dramatic implications. It's part of the nature of being in business nearly 30 years. But aside from some design improvements on long-standing products, DC has maintained the same base of performance parts that made them who they are: Racing headers.

Respected and revered by racers practically everywhere, DC Sports is home to some of the most sought-after racing header systems in the world. It's no secret why - their elite standard in quality and design. DC Sports Header Systems unanimously feature the usage of T-304 or T-409 stainless steel, depending on the header setup. While stainless steel isn't necessarily exclusive to DC Sports' exhaust systems and headers, it is how the brand employs their steel that is what sets them apart.

DC Sports Header Systems are constructed using CAD-rendering and CNC machining. CAD (computer-aided design) technology is how DC is able to plan, predict, and hypothesize how a header is to be built. With CAD rendering, the team is able to formulate a three-dimensional design of a header system before it ever goes into production. This process ensures complete accuracy for vehicle fitment and performance capability.

CNC (computer numerical control) machining comes into play in the actual physical production of DC Sports Header Systems. CNC machines are given instructions via a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) file with the exact specifications of a racing header. After the file is interpreted by the system, the material used to produce the header (in this case, stainless steel) is loaded into the CNC machine to be manufactured. It is an automated system that basically computer-produces the part(s). When the machining is complete and the part is finished, it will match the original CAD rendering. It is a process that combines the latest in automotive technology along with the most dependable material. The header is then dyno-tuned and tested further to confirm its level of maximum performance meets the specifications of both the header and the car it was produced for. This is just a glimpse into why DC Sports racing headers are more advanced than many of their competitors.

DC currently offers four main header systems: 3 into 1; 4 into 1; 4-2-1 (1 piece); and 4-2-1 (2 piece). All four of these DC Sports Header Systems undergo the same manufacturing procedure but differ in design and in some cases, slightly in application.

DC Sports 3 into 1 Race Headers are designed for V6 engines, which over the past decade have become more commonly used among sport compact enthusiasts. Weight from OEM cast-iron V6 exhaust manifolds is heavy, and in compact vehicles drags down the overall performance. 3-1 header systems lighten the load considerably, most especially due to the header's CNC-machined flanges (head and collector flanges).

4-2-1 headers do away with the two middle flanges, lightening the header. The 4-2-1 setups are also good for rumbling low to mid-range gains. Of course, one of the biggest perks for DC Sports 4-2-1 1-piece Headers is that the ground clearance is improved enough to the point where it should even feel noticeable behind the wheel soon after the part is installed. This header system is available in either a 1 or 2 piece application. 2-piece headers are intended to offer an easier installation but other than that, both versions of the 4-2-1 demonstrate the same benefits and output.

The development of DC Sports 4 into 1 Headers is what put the company on the map way back in 1987. Thankfully, it isn't just Honda drivers anymore who are eligible for the 4-1 option, as DC 4 into 1 headers still rule the circuit. Where this header makes its mark is with its merge collector. DC uses a trapezoidal shape, which speeds up fuel flow by getting rid of excess turbulence and shaking. And like the 4-2-1 configuration, this header system's design increases your car's ground clearance by negating the top and bottom piping. Conceived and crafted for the compact racing populous, this header system is what started the ball rolling and it isn't slowing down soon.

DC Sports Header Systems are legal (or legally pending) in all 50 US states.

When your header arrives in the mail, with it will be all of the hardware you need along with step-by-step installation instructions. However - a header system is not a DIY install unless you are an experienced and have the requisite amount of space to do the installation. It is recommended that if you are not familiar with this type of install to instead take your header to a shop and let them do it. They have the tools, equipment, and experience. If you are having trouble locating a shop, just contact UltraRev and we'll do our best to set you up with one in your area.

UltraRev is proud to carry DC Sports Headers and Exhaust Systems. This is a brand that represents the pinnacle in quality, performance, and innovation. You can trust DC Sports parts to give your car or racecar the edge you're looking for. And you can trust UltraRev to give you the best service and value available. Together, we're a winning team!

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