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For decades, drivers have searched for the best possible upgrades in order to increase performance. But sometimes, it doesn't take spending a whole ton of money on a project. And yes, sometimes, all it takes is a minor addition under the hood. Pilot Automotive presents Nitrode Performance Spark Plugs, the most talked-about product in its category. What makes Nitrode Spark Plugs stand out is the design. These plugs showcase a patented neutral electrode that is located in the middle of the center and ground electrodes. How it works is this: The Nitrode Yttrium Bridge relays the spark to the ground electrode. In turn, the ground electrode extends the spark out over a larger distance. This is not only a tremendously efficient process, but it is also responsible for an improvement in more than one area of your driving.

Being that the goal of Nitrode Spark Plugs is to emit a longer-lasting spark, the results pay dividends in several ways. As with any performance spark plug, you want an increase in horsepower, correct? Well, with Nitrode plugs, you not only get that kick in horsepower you're looking for, but also the added benefit of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. You're not winning in just one way, you're winning in three! Pilot Automotive Nitrode Performance Spark Plugs are made from their own proprietary ceramic, which is 10% harder than any other ceramic available on the market. They also feature a copper core center, triple chrome plating, and of course, the yttrium neutral electrode. An added trait of the Nitrode plugs is that the threads are rolled and not cut.

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