DC sport headers and air intake systems

Short Ram Air Intake Systems

DC Sport

Inviting clean air into your vehicle is always a priority. Cool, clean air helps your car run at an optimum level with consistency. In order to accomplish this you don't have to take a short cut but at the same time, you can't go with inferior quality. DC Sports Short Ram Intake Systems are the answer. DC Sports Short Ram Air Intakes give your ride the breath of fresh air it deserves thanks to innovative design and uncompromising materials that can handle whatever you dish out. Short Ram Intakes feature a built-in velocity stack which promotes an increase in air flow, while the built-in funnel top directs the air flow into the stack itself. Looking for some pep in your horsepower while tuning the throttle? This is how to do it. An added benefit: the entire Short Ram Intake setup weighs less than half of your stock system - lighter weight and higher quality mean more efficiency!

Like all DC Sports products, Short Ram Air Intake Systems demonstrate top-flight construction meant to handle the toughest of driving conditions. Featuring corrosion-resistant polished aluminum tubing along with the rubberless, no oil filter, you won't ever have to worry about the Mass Air Flow sensor being contaminated (which leads to power reduction and a higher rate of fuel consumption). The air filter is derived from aluminum alloy and is washable and reusable. DC Sports Air Intake Tubes are one piece and crafted from aluminum alloy as well, polished to a gleaming finish you'll want to show off. Installation is also a snap - all the necessary hardware and instructions are included with the unit when it arrives at your doorstep.

There aren't many customizations you can make to your car that improve both its health and performance simultaneously. This is one of them. UltraRev offers a complete lineup of air intakes that can help you keep your car breathing easy!