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So you are in the market for an aftermarket driveshaft and see all of the options available like an aluminum driveshaft, chromoly driveshaft, steel driveshaft and even a carbon fiber driveshaft. The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts are designed for either vehicle specific replacement or can be customized to fit your needs. The Driveshaft Shop is the leader in both performance driveshafts and performance axles so you can pair your aftermarket driveshaft with any of their axles.

Aftermarket driveshafts provide advantages like reduced weight, more strength, more stiffness, and smoother which create fewer vibrations. They also are very affordable for your high performance vehicle and The Driveshaft Shop produces them for various cars including imports and domestics. Aftermarket driveshafts can handle the extra torque that your engine has and is perfect for street driving or at the drag strip.

The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts will reduce the weight of your current OEM driveshaft in the form of either aluminum or carbon fiber. Both are available for imports or domestics and can rotate faster, while shedding a few pounds off your vehicle. You will be able to accelerate off the line much better and using an aftermarket driveshaft will reduce your quarter mile time. Engines can only add so much power to your vehicle to the point where you need to start losing weight in order to gain an advantage. Aftermarket driveshafts provide increased strength with less weight for your high performance car. Lightweight driveshafts can sometimes weight less than half of your OEM driveshaft.

Strength is always a concern for your automotive driveshaft. Most OEM driveshafts are made from steel, but do not have the strength to transfer additional torque. The Driveshaft Shop has both steel driveshafts and chromoly driveshafts to handle your added power for extreme performance vehicles. Weight is never a concern for these cars and they need the strongest aftermarket driveshaft in order to keep up with the power. Weak automotive driveshafts will twist and snap if the torque cannot be handled.

A stiffer driveshaft can also transfer power better. A weak performance driveshaft might bend and eventually snap under the tension, whereas The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts are stronger and more durable to handle those situations. Aftermarket driveshafts from The Driveshaft Shop are all stronger than the factory one, no matter which one you go with. There is no power loss with a stiff driveshaft either.

A smoother ride is almost always necessary for most of us. We do not like vibrations of any type and using these aftermarket driveshafts will greatly reduce any vibrations. An aluminum driveshaft does the best job at reducing vibrations during all speeds, but mainly at higher speeds when it is spinning so quickly.

If an aftermarket driveshaft is not used when it should be, many problems can occur like the driveshaft impaling the pavement while driving. When a factory driveshaft snaps from too much tension, it can cause the vehicle to flip when it impact the road. Other than using the proper aftermarket driveshaft, a driveshaft loop can be used to prevent this from happening. If the driveshaft or u-joint fails, the loop will prevent it from falling.

Aftermarket driveshafts should only be used according to their torque rating and nothing more. Most of The Driveshaft Shop products com with 6 months or a 1 year warranty depending on the specific model. Whether you need a carbon fiber aftermarket driveshaft or a steel aftermarket driveshaft, The Driveshaft Shop is the place to go. Custom or vehicle specific, their performance driveshafts are sure to last.