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Driveshaft Safety Loops

Street Rod Driveshafts

Like with any auto part, your vehicle's driveshaft wears out overtime and the connecting parts become worn as well. High horsepower vehicles also put more strain on the driveshaft to a point where it can snap and come loose. Adding an aftermarket driveshaft to your vehicle so it can handle the necessary horsepower should be installed with driveshaft safety loops to ensure it does not fall out from under the car if something were to happen. The safety loops can be used on both ends of the performance driveshaft as well.

When upgrading to The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts, you should always check the u-joints during installation. The u-joints play a major role in connecting your driveshaft to your driveline. If the u-joint were to crack, The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft would drop on the ground and possibly lift the vehicle in the air while it is spinning. To avoid this, a driveshaft loop should be used. They come in many different sizes and shapes to fit your vehicle or a custom one can be made.

Every safety precaution should be used when you upgrade to a high performance driveshaft from The Driveshaft shop. There is so much torque that the driveshaft needs to handle and weak joints can and will break. Aftermarket driveshaft loops are very inexpensive for the job that they do. A driveshaft safety loop is also needed for high performance racing on the drag strip for cars that travel at a certain speed.