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The Driveshaft Shop Axles

The Driveshaft Shop Axles

Automotive axles are some of the most important parts on any vehicle. They are connected to the wheels and essentially are what allows the wheels to rotate. Upgrading to The Driveshaft Shop axles will give your vehicle better stability, performance and be able to handle the added power. OEM axles are only capable of handling the power that is equipped with the vehicle and should be replaced when you do an engine swap or add significant power like that of a supercharger.

The Driveshaft Shop is the leading manufacturer in designing and producing aftermarket axles for whatever application you need them for. They can benefit a stock vehicle by providing a stronger foundation for the car to roll on, but can also be used on high performance vehicles where the torque is very high. The Driveshaft Shop axles are available in Level 0, Level 2.0, Level 2.9, Level 3, Level 3.9, Level 5, Level 5.9, and the Pro-Level. They all serve different purposes are based on the torque amount from your engine.

Selecting just what The Driveshaft Shop has available is only the beginning. Each one of their performance axles, besides level 0, can be tweaked and customized specifically for how you drive your vehicle. Some of their replacement axles can be made into race or rally axles, but does require an extra charge. However, the level 0 axle can be upgraded later and is mainly a stock replacement for someone on a budget and does not have the funds for a full race axle.

Your rear axle can only handle so much torque, and when it is given too much torque, it will snap. This is all too common amongst drag racers that rely on a solid rear end to handle the power. The Driveshaft Shop axles are the real deal both on the strip and the street. Replacing your worn out OEM axles with The Driveshaft Shop axles will improve your car's ability to transfer torque and last longer as well.

Heavier vehicles also need stronger axles to support the weight. The Driveshaft Shop axles can either be specific to your vehicle or you can have The Driveshaft shop design a custom axle based on the measurements you give them. This will give you the most advantage in handling the vehicle's weight while still handling the given amount of torque.

As the Driveshaft Shop axles level increases, so does the torque. You would not use level 0 axles in a high performance vehicle because it would break. On the other hand, using level 5 axles would be detrimental to the vehicle since it is not receiving enough torque to move it. Selecting the proper performance axle is the only way to ensure that it will provide your vehicle with a strong enough part so it can launch you off the line or keep your on the road.

Front-wheel drive vehicles consist of a drive axle at the front in which all of the power is transferred to. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, the rear axle is driven by the driveshaft which transfers the torque. The Driveshaft Shop has performance axles for both front and rear depending on your application. The rear axle of a front wheel drive car is essentially a dead axle and only rotates when the vehicle moves. If you are increasing the weight of your vehicle, the Driveshaft Shop has an axle replacement for this rear axle. If you need replacement axle bars for your AWD or RWD vehicle, The Driveshaft Shop can make this happen as well. Sometimes, all that is needed is just the axle bar and you can reuse the other parts. The Driveshaft Shop axle bars are made from chromoly which is lighter and stronger than comparable OEM axle bars.

Most vehicles these days also use split rear-axles, which are separated by a differential. The differential drives the axles, which gets its power from the driveshaft. The Driveshaft Shop axles are available for either side or just one side if your aftermarket axle breaks. However, it is always recommended that both axles be the same on each side so they perform the same.