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Driveshaft Vibrations

Street Rod Driveshafts

There are a few reasons your automotive driveshaft could be vibrating during operation including imbalance or a worn out u-joint that should be replaced. Driveshaft vibrations are nothing to mess around with and should be immediately attended to when the problem arises. The Driveshaft Shop balances all of their performance driveshafts so you do not have to worry. However, overtime, any aftermarket driveshaft can become imbalanced.

Correcting driveshaft vibrations are easy if you can pinpoint the exact location. It is sometimes difficult to tell where the vibration is exactly coming from since they are always existent when you are driving the car like wheel vibrations and exhaust vibrations. However, a driveshaft vibration is very distinct and usually happens at high speeds. Jacking up the vehicle and getting the car up to speed at which you hear the vibration is the best trick. You will then be able to tell if it is in fact your driveshaft that is vibrating.

Replacing the u-joints on your automotive driveshaft is your first solution. If this does not work, then the performance driveshaft will need to be balanced. The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts can be easily balanced by a professional shop and it will be like new again.

Just like balancing your tires, balancing your driveshaft should be regular maintenance. The Driveshaft Shop uses a professional machine that balances the driveshaft according to what it is being used for. Aftermarket driveshafts should be balanced based on what speeds the vehicle is capable of and the amount of horsepower it has.