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The Driveshaft Shop Chromoly Driveshaft

Street Rod Driveshafts

Upgrading to The Driveshaft Shop chromoly driveshaft will equip your vehicle with a stronger driveshaft so it can handle the necessary torque from your engine. A chromoly driveshaft is known for its strength, but can also be a bit heavier than an aluminum driveshaft. They can also be made smaller since they are stronger than aluminum driveshafts. The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts made from this material are generally more expensive than the aluminum, but are needed for high performance applications.

The term "chromoly" is short for Chrome-Molybdenum, which is where it is derived from. Chromoly is used for many other things because of its strength, which is why The Driveshaft Shop uses it for their high performance driveshafts. The Driveshaft Shop produces their performance driveshafts for many different makes and models, including imports and domestics.

Aluminum must be made thicker than chromoly so the driveshafts are not as small. A chrom-moly driveshaft is smaller, has more clearance than steel or aluminum and is perfect where space is an issue. Using The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft comes with great reliability and a perfectly balanced driveshaft. There will be no vibrations or uneven power transfer when using their performance auto parts.

Driveshaft Shop chromoly driveshafts are for vehicle with extreme horsepower, upwards of 900HP or even 1000HP, where aluminum is too weak and would not be able to handle the torque. The right driveshaft is needed to properly get that power to the wheels so you can experience it with every pass on the drag strip.