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The Driveshaft Shop Comparison Chart

The Driveshaft Shop comparison chart allows you to visibly see what type of axles would fit your specific vehicle. It is important to select the right one according to your horsepower and the type of driving you plan on doing. The Driveshaft Shop axles are mostly vehicle specific, but they also have the capabilities of building you a custom axle based on your vehicle and what it needs. The axle/hub system includes a complete system that replaces both your axles and hubs to make things even stronger.

As always, buying from Ultrarev will guarantee that warranty you see in the last column. We can fulfill any of your needs pertaining to performance axles or stock replacement axles. Using The Driveshaft Shop axle comparison chart will make things much easier for you and cut down on the confusion since they offer so many products.

driveshaftshop comperison chart Power Rating Design Type of Driving Warranty
Level 0 Axles Stock power Replacement Axles Normal No warranty
Level 2 Axles 400HP Replacement Axles Street driving with some track time 6 months
Level 2.9 Axles 475HP Replacement Axles Street driving and all motor drag 1 year
Level 3 Axles 500HP - 550HP Axle/Hub System Drag and rally racing 1 year
Level 3.9 Axles 600HP Axle/Hub System Street racing and drag racing 1 year
Level 5 Axles 750HP - 900HP Axle/Hub System Drag racing 1 year
Level 5.9 Axles 850HP Axle/Hub System Street racing and drag racing 1 year
Pro Level Axles 1000HP Axle/Hub System Drag racing 1 year

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