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The Driveshaft Shop Level 2.9 Axle

Street Rod Driveshafts

The Level 2.9 axles from The Driveshaft Shop are an upgrade from the level 2 axles and can handle horsepower of up to 475, depending on the application. Any car with a supercharger, turbo charger or an engine swap is a perfect candidate for these racing axles. They will provide your car with both strength and durability on the drag strip or at high speeds on the street.

The Driveshaft Shop axles are tested under the most extreme conditions so every user can rely on their performance auto parts. Aside from just being able to handle the necessary torque, their performance axles will handle weight, while being resistant to extreme heat. Their level 2.9 axles actually use some parts from the level 3 axles that The Driveshaft Shop produces.

Their 475HP axles include chromoly outer C.V. joints that can withstand the high heat associated with drag racing and high performance street racing. Making for a perfect swap, these replacement axles install with ease and are the produce to the exact measurements of your existing ones. Purchasing aftermarket axles can sometimes be a drag with many headaches, but The Driveshaft Shop axles are beyond their time and are not like anything else on the market.

Unlike the level 0 axle and level 2 axle, this Driveshaft Shop axle has a 1 year warranty against any defects. All you need to do is send it back so it can be rebuilt, or a new one issues depending on the condition. There is a very quick turnaround time as well so you can get your high performance vehicle back on the street.