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The Driveshaft Shop Level 2 Axle

Street Rod Driveshafts

Handling up to 400 horsepower, The Driveshaft Shop Level 2 axles are for cars that have mild upgrades or even a supercharger. The Driveshaft Shop designs their performance axles for specific horsepower ratings so you know you are getting the proper setup. The level 2 axles are great for cars that are used on the street but occasionally take it to the track.

If you have added a forced induction kit like a supercharger or turbo charger, than you will need upgraded race axles. The power that a forced induction kit puts out is sometimes 50 or 60 more horsepower than the engine is equipped with. The Driveshaft Shop axles can handle the extra torque without being compromised or cracking under extreme conditions.

Stronger and more durable than other racing axles, Driveshaft Shop axles can also be made into road race axles or rally axles for an additional charge. This is something that no other company will provide as The Driveshaft Shop caters to each customer.

If you do not want to upgrade The Driveshaft Shop Axles, they will still provide you with everything you need and are also covered for drag racing. Being rebuildable, they come with a 6 month warranty that protects against cracking. Each replacement axle is heat treated to handle the temperatures that are associated with high performance operations.

These replacement axles are designed for all types of cars, and if you do not see your specific vehicle, The Driveshaft Shop can build a custom axle based on the current dimensions of your factory one.