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The Driveshaft Shop Level 3.9 Axle

Street Rod Driveshafts

Specifically designed for the Acura and Honda platform, The Driveshaft Shop Level 3.9 axles are rated to handle 600HP and are designed for either drag racing or high speed street racing. You also get the benefit of replacing your hubs and this can be great if the existing ones are rusted from years of driving. The Driveshaft Shop axles are all hardened to ensure they will not twist when the car takes off. The level 3/9 axle was actually discontinued for some time, but cars with 600HP have made a return.

Other than horsepower needs, upgrading to performance axles is also based on vehicle weight, wheels and tires, potential power, and your 1/4-mile ETA. Your power potential should be considered as you would not want to purchase a level 2 axle, when in a few months you will add more power and need the level 3.9 axle. Power potential for your vehicle needs to be considered before you waste your dollars on The Driveshaft Shop axles that will need to be replaced by stronger ones.

If you have bigger wheels and tires, this should also be taken into consideration because the stock axle will have a harder time of spinning the heavier wheels. This will throw off your speedometer and put added stress on your drive axles. The Driveshaft Shop designs their replacement axles for strength and durability so they will be strong enough to handle the heavy wheels.

If you want to cut down your quarter mile time, The Driveshaft Shop can cater to your needs and select you the right type of performance axle. Driveshaft Shop axles will handle the extreme torque when you punch your car off the line.