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The Driveshaft Shop Steel Driveshaft

Street Rod Driveshafts

A steel automotive driveshaft provides extreme strength and durability for your high performance vehicle. The Driveshaft Shop steel driveshaft is much stronger than your current OEM driveshaft and come pre-balanced so you can experience the benefits immediately. It is relatively cheaper than an aluminum driveshaft or chromoly driveshaft, but does weigh a little more than aluminum. The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft will be able to handle all that added torque so you can jump off the line.

Using a steel driveshaft is also perfect if space is an issue. Since steel alone is very strong, it does not have to be made very thick and is smaller than an aluminum driveshaft. There is only so much space underneath the vehicle and the performance driveshaft has very little space to work with as it is. The Driveshaft Shop designs their automotive driveshafts for each specific make and model so it will fit perfect.

Cracks and gauges do not affect steel as much either and The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft will stay strong and continue to transfer your torque. When weaker metals become cracked, they cannot be used and need to be replaced. This is also known as the fatigue strength, in which the steel driveshaft wins all the time.

The Driveshaft Shop performance parts are also very smooth at high speeds and there is almost no vibration so the car can be used on the street as well as the drag strip. Some lightweight driveshafts experience vibrations at high speeds and can be annoying. The Driveshaft Shop has steel driveshafts for nearly any application.