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Energy Suspension Body Mounts

Energy Suspension Body Mounts

The body of your car of your car or truck does not rest on the frame itself. Every vehicle is equipped with body mounts, which are bushings that keep the body aligned and create a comfortable ride. Energy Suspension body mounts are polyurethane body mounts that will replace your worn out rubber ones and make for a much better ride. These Energy Suspension bushings will reduce the body roll during turns and prevent any shifting that the vehicle's body may do.

Polyurethane bushings are designed to never corrode or crack like rubber does. After a certain amount of driving, rubber starts to fade and will make the drive very rough. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings make the ride stiffer, but still keep it comfortable so it is not too harsh. Their replacement body mounts link your frame to the body of the vehicle so you do not feel vibrations from uneven surfaces.

If you notice that your vehicle's body is shifting when you brake, this means that the rubber bushings need to be replaced. If the body shifts too much, it will end up putting strain on other parts. Energy Suspension bushings will turn your vehicle into a performance handling machine without sacrificing comfort. Polyurethane body mounts also maintain the alignment between your frame and the body. Frame and body alignment is crucial for smooth operation of the vehicle's steering system.

If the factory body mounts are extremely worn out, this can create metal on metal contact between the frame and the body, which would cause major problems like a possible bent frame. Energy Suspension has mounts for each specific vehicle that make for a tight and perfect fit.