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Energy Suspension Bump Stops

Energy Suspension Bump Stops

Springs and shock are not the only suspension component that keeps your vehicle from maintain its ride height over uneven surfaces. Bump stops are located at the top of your suspension to protect your vehicle from bottoming out. Energy Suspension bump stops are made from polyurethane which will withstand all kinds of weather conditions and never corrode like rubber. Their suspension bump stops prevent too much spring travel to protect various suspension parts.

Automotive bump stops are located on every vehicle. Without them, the suspension would travel too much and the vehicle would bottom out. Polyurethane bump stops are much stronger than rubber and will provide a smoother ride when riding over bumps and potholes. The loud noise you hear when the wheel hits a pothole is the suspension hitting the bump stops.

These Energy suspension bushings are specific to each vehicle and include control arm bump stops, leaf spring bump stops and traction bar bump stops. Energy Suspension bump stops are also good wherever there is metal on metal contact to control operation.

Lowering your vehicle puts the vehicle at more risk of damaging various suspension components. The hyper-flex bump stops are perfect for vehicles that want to go low, but also want more protection. Rubber bump stops cannot handle a lowered vehicle like Energy Suspension bushings can.

Worn out factory bump stops will fail under extreme conditions and can cause serious problems to other parts of your vehicle's suspension. Replacement bump stops from Energy Suspension will protect your vehicle while it gives you and your passengers a comfortable ride.