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Energy Suspension Bushings for Hot Rods

Energy Suspension Bushings for Hot Rods

The suspension on most hot rods is outdated and rusted, so many of the suspension components need to be replaced in order to restore proper performance. Hot rod bushings from Energy Suspension will make your classic ride feeling like new again. Energy Suspension bushings are available for nearly every bushings that is currently on your vehicle. You can replace the control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, bump stops and end link bushings depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Most classic vehicle and hot rods are heavy with sloppy handling. They do not have the modern technology that cars come equipped with today. Hot rod suspension bushings will provide your vehicle with the latest technology in polyurethane suspension bushings so you can experience modern handling but still have that classic car look.

Energy Suspension will also add to the appearance of your show car since they come in both black and red. Rubber bushings fade and do not look very appealing. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings do not fade from road chemicals or debris and will stand out while showing your car.

Replacement bushings for your hot rod are available in universal applications as well if you need some custom bushings. Sometimes, during engine builds or rebuilds, custom work is done to the frame and suspension in which custom auto parts are needed. Universal polyurethane bushings come in various sizes and shapes to fit your hot rod needs.