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Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set

Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set

For the best overall handling and performance, the Energy Suspension master bushing set offers a complete overhaul for your suspension. The master bushing kit replaces every rubber bushing currently on your automotive suspension and will turn it into a whole different vehicle. Replacing your current suspension bushings will create performance for your vehicle both on and off the street. It will increase your vehicle's stability and durability.

Energy Suspension bushings included in the master bushing set include control arm bushings, leaf spring bushings, bump stops, and sway bar end links, just to name a few. Each kit comes equipped with suspension bushings that fit your vehicle only so there will be no modifications needed to make them fit. Most of them come pre-lubricated so they can be used immediately.

Replacing your worn out OEM bushings will reduce wheel hop when you need it the most. High performance vehicles will notice a stiffer suspension along with overall control so time is not lost on the track or drag strip. Energy Suspension bushings are made from polyurethane and will outlast the lifetime of the vehicle and are a very cost-effective upgrade.

Upgrading to these suspension bushings will put less strain on other parts of your suspension like the control arms and frame. When bushings wear out, they allow metal to metal contact in which each component will become damaged. Energy Suspension bushings are an affordable upgrade that will not break the bank, which will save you money in the long run.