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Energy Suspension Shock Bushings

Energy Suspension Shock Bushings

At the top of every automotive shock sits a bushing. These automotive bushings are designed to give more support to the vehicle when it is on uneven surfaces and rides over bumps and pot holes. Energy Suspension shock bushings are made from polyurethane that will replace your worn out rubbers one and create a more comfortable ride. Shock bushings are just as important as any other suspension bushings since they play a huge role in how the vehicle rides.

Energy Suspension bushings are vehicle specific and replace your current ones to provide the vehicle with more stability so you can drive in comfort. Worn out rubber bushings will cause clunking in both the front and rear, and will make driving the vehicle not so fun. Polyurethane bushings tighten up the suspension and allow the vehicle to make tighter turns and have more stability on uneven road surfaces.

Shock bushings sit in between the shock and the frame to provide support and driving comfort. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings are great for either high performance vehicles or daily driven ones. Having a firm suspension is much better than a sloppy one. It keeps the vehicle aligned so there is no premature tire wear or damage to other suspension components.

The factory ones can wear out extremely fast because the rubber cracks from constant water and other harmful debris. Polyurethane suspension bushings last 5 to 10 times longer than rubber and resist against all harmful chemicals. Your shocks will benefit as well since the stress will be put on the bushings itself.