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Energy Suspension Strut Rod Bushings

Energy Suspension Strut Rod Bushings

The strut rod is what keeps the wheels and control arms from becoming misaligned and damaged. To keep the strut rod doing its job, the strut rod bushing must be in good form. Energy Suspension strut rod bushings are firmer and stronger than your current rubber ones and provide better response while driving. When the vehicle accelerates from a stop, the strut rod bushings take most of the damage to try and stabilize the wheels.

Strut rod bushings keep your tires from wearing out and your control arms from bending. The strut rod keeps the wheels in axis with the axle to keep the vehicle aligned. When the axis is thrown off, this puts extra strain on the other suspension components. Worn out automotive bushings can actually allow the strut rod itself to pull out, which then cause the wheel to essentially fall off. This created a huge problem and would cause serious damage while driving.

Energy Suspension bushings will make your car or truck feel like new again. Their suspension bushings are easy to install and specific for each suspension component. They also give the vehicle a show car look since they are available in either red or black. Polyurethane bushings do not wear out as quick like rubber does and can last the lifetime of the vehicle.

The strut rod also stabilizes the control arm during hard breaking and keeps it aligned. They are important for both high performance and daily driven vehicles. Energy Suspension bushings are very affordable for the job that they do and they will save you lots of money in the long run.