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Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings

Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings

Automotive sway bars are located in the front and rear of the vehicle. They are designed to keep our vehicle flat on the surface during turns. Energy Suspension sway bar bushings are the best polyurethane bushings that money can buy. Soft rubber bushings do not provide the firmness that Energy Suspension bushings do. If the suspension bushings are weak, it will lead to more body roll during turns and uneven surfaces.

Energy Suspension designs their performance sway bar bushings in both greased and non-greased types to accommodate any application. The greased ones eliminate any possible squeaking, while the non-greased sway bar bushings may have a little squeak to them, just like OEM bushings do. If you are concerned with noise, then your best option would be to go with the greased bushings.

Often times, there are larger sway bars available in the aftermarket industry. When upgrading your sway bar, you should always opt for Energy Suspension bushings your OEM ones will not fit. Larger sway bars tighten up the steering and handling and need a stronger bushing to go along with.

Energy Suspension bushings can handle the roughness of the road better than your factory ones. They last much longer and work very well with a stock or upgraded sway bar. Choosing the right sway bar bushings is done based on the diameter of the sway bar itself. They should fit tightly around the sway bar and the bar should not be able to move once installed.