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Energy Suspension Tie Rod Boots

Energy Suspension Tie Rod Boots

Making sure your vehicle's tie rod boots are in good shape is crucial to how the actual tie rods perform. They are designed to control the wheels when your steer. Energy Suspension tie rod boots are the best polyurethane tie rod boots that are available for your vehicle. Not only do they protect the application, but they will make the tie rods last much longer due to their strength and quality over your current factory ones.

In most cases, when the boot is torn, the entire tie rod needs to be replaced. Energy Suspension has made it possible to just replace the automotive tie rod boot without needing to buy the entire component. This saves a great deal of money and also adds better protection. When dirt and road debris find their way inside a torn boot, they will damage the joint and make it useless. Damaged tie rod ends will create a sloppy ride and a knocking sound from the front end.

Energy Suspension designs their tie rod boots to seal in lubricant as well. Many OEM boots will leak fluid and eventually need to be lubricated again, but this is not the case for Energy Suspension boots. Their hyper-flex performance polyurethane products resist contamination and also come in red and black for show car purposes.

These boots are very affordable as well for how much protection they provide. Once you install them, you will never have to worry about replacing them again. Rocks and pebbles have no chance at breaking or cracking them.