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Energy Suspension Transmission Mounts

Energy Suspension Transmission Mounts

Not only does the engine give off a lot of vibrations, but so does the transmission. Automotive transmissions are very powerful and need to be stabilized or else the ride would be very rough, noisy and other parts would be damaged on the vehicle. Energy Suspension transmission mounts provide strength and limit noise and vibrations to make the driving experience much better. Their transmission mounts are much stronger than factory and will last much longer.

Polyurethane transmission mounts are soft enough to absorb vibrations from daily driving but also strong enough for high performance vehicles that rely on them. As torque becomes increased, it puts more wear on the transmission mount and the OEM trans mounts cannot handle this. Energy Suspension bushings are the only ones that can handle additional power while still providing comfort. Energy mounts are perfect for trucks, hot rods, sports compacts and street vehicles.

Transmission mounts also protect your vehicle's driveshaft. Worn out mounts will cause loads of vibrations and eventually lead to failure. The drivetrain in any vehicle is important to how it functions and performs. Automotive transmission mounts are exposed to road conditions and must withstand harmful chemicals. Rubber mounts become faded and will crack overtime, unlike polyurethane mounts which last a lifetime.

If the driveshaft becomes misaligned from a broken trans mount, it will affect how the transmission shifts. Energy Suspension designs their automotive mounts for direct replacement and vehicle specific fitment. Once installed, you can guarantee they will provide you with quality protection.