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Energy Suspension Transmission Shifter Bushings

Energy Suspension Transmission Shifter Bushings

Factory shifter bushings are usually made from plastic or some sort of other cheap material like rubber that makes shifting rough and sloppy. Energy Suspension transmission shifter bushings are made from polyurethane that will greatly enhance your driving experience and make each shift more crisp. Transmission shifter bushings are designed to reduce play when the vehicle is in gear. Worn out shifter bushings will make shifts sloppy, misplaced and sometimes grind when engaging gears.

Upgrading your transmission shifter bushings is the best way to enhance the driving experience for high performance vehicles. Polyurethane bushings deliver solid shifts every time and eliminate too much play from the shifter itself. Driving the vehicle hard will put extra wear and tear on your factory bushings and will eventually need to be replaced. Energy Suspension bushings install in just a short amount of time.

If you experience grinding when engaging each gear, it may be time to replace the bushings and upgrade to polyurethane shifter bushings. Grinding will only put more wear and tear on your synchros and the transmission itself. Stronger poly bushings keep the shifter engaged firmly in each gear so it does not pop out either.

Energy Suspension shifter bushings are the best bang-for-the-buck upgrades that you can do to your vehicle and is very cheap for the improvements that they provide. If your shifter is able to move more than a few inches side to side while it is in gear, then you need to replace your trans shifter bushings.